July 26, 2021


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Your Guided Journey to Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Success on LinkedIn

Does the term “ABM” make your eyes sparkle or brows furrow? 

Account-based marketing (ABM) seems to have the uncanny ability to elicit a range of reactions from B2B marketers—excitement, optimism, scepticism, and everything else in between. We suppose that’s because, on one hand, marketers know that ABM can deliver powerful results but, on the other, the road to success is often fraught with challenges. 

On LinkedIn, we get to observe this up close because many marketers use our platform as the foundation of their ABM strategy. Having seen more than our fair share of successful and not-quite-successful plays, we’ve come up with a framework to help guide you. 

Welcome to Your ABM Walkthrough 

We like to think of ABM as a journey. Yours is likely to be unique as you navigate your business goals, customer needs, market nuances and other aspects specific to your organisation. That said, there are seven foundational signposts along the way that every ABM marketer should look out for. 

Our framework is built around these signposts to help you stay on course. And we’re here to walk you through it. Let’s get started, shall we?

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  1. Achieving executive sales and marketing alignment is your first checkpoint because ABM is a team sport. When sales reps and marketers work closely together, your chances of succeeding with ABM becomes much higher. Plus, research shows that alignment can help increase marketing-generated revenue by up to 208%. 
  2. Define your objectives. What is most important to your business right now? Is it to acquire, expand or retain key accounts? At this checkpoint, you want to be really clear about your objectives so that you can choose the right ABM play. (We cover four main ones in our framework.) 
  3. Select and segment your target accounts. An effective ABM strategy relies on robust account and contact data. Once you have a target list, think about segmenting it into tiers so that you can prioritise those that are the most valuable to your business.
  4. Identify the full buying committee. While engaging the buying committee is important in any marketing campaign, it is mission-critical in ABM. Use this checkpoint as an opportunity to review the breadth and depth of your ABM targeting approach. Get the framework to find out how Campaign Manager can help. 
  5. Determine the right scale. Are you ready to invest in 1-to-1 marketing for your highest-value accounts, or is it more practical to adopt a 1-to-few or 1-to-many approach? We’ll guide you through the thought process. 
  6. Align your content to your audience. Because ABM is highly targeted, your content needs to resonate strongly with your audience. Sounds like an uphill task? We got you covered with efficient ways to personalise content by account, industry, journey stage and engagement levels. 
  7. Measure impact and prove value. You’re at the final checkpoint! Here, it’s all about measurable results. We’ll show you how to leverage LinkedIn’s Company Engagement Report and Campaign Demographics to prove the value of your ABM programme. 

For the full guided experience, download the Marketer’s Framework for ABM Success now!