January 23, 2022


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What Successful Affiliates Do

what successful affiliates doHave you ever wondered what successful affiliates do in order to become successful?

You see them on leader boards.

You hear about their success stories.

And, if you are like most people, you find yourself wondering what successful affiliates do to get these results.

Over the years, through many different industries, I have notice a few consistent things you can find when you see a successful affiliate. It doesn’t really matter what the product or service is. There are successful stories written from the sale of products, services, and any combination of the two. It almost doesn’t matter what company they are with.

What successful affiliates do tends to create success stories in many many different companies. Top income earners can be found in newer companies and in older companies. I know some pretty successful people from a wide range of companies. Of course, the company needs to be well run, stay profitable, and take care of its affiliates. But, even when a company flips over, successful affiliates simply pivot to a new company and continue to write more success stories.

So, what is the big secret? Is it really that big a secret? If you really dig in to it, you will find that this is no real mystery to it.

You can create success in Affiliate Marketing by either selling a lot of your products and/or services or by building a team to sell those products and services. The wildly successful ones do both. They sell and they build. This is where wealth gets created.

Why are both important?

Imagine someone recruiting you to sell a particular product or service. One of the first questions you will have is whether or not this person is experiencing success with what they are pitching to you, right? If they are effectively generating sales, it stands to reason that they should be able to teach you to do the same. On the other side, if they aren’t selling the product or service themselves, how much do you really believe they can help you?

Do they have to personally be the best sales person? Probably not. If they can get results and show you how to get results, they have something to teach you. Personally, any time I have considered any opportunity, part of my decision is based on how well I believe my sponsor or recruit can actually help me become successful.

So, sales is a key. Selling is definitely what successful affiliates do.

The next key to success is building an effective team. This is where leverage comes in to play. If you can effectively build a team of people willing to take the same steps you take and do the same things you are doing, you can take advantage of leverage.

As one person, your time is limited. You can spend time doing the basic tasks of lead generation, list building, and selling. You will, of course, be taking breaks, enjoying family time, sleeping, and tending to many of the other businesses of life. Even if you are workaholic  and spend more hours working than anyone else, you are limited to what you and you alone can do in the available time.

When you build a team, and they know how to generate leads, build lists, and drive sales, you begin to experience the power of leverage. When you have a team of people that spread across an entire nation or even around the world, you can effectively build a team that is able to produce income 24/7. While you are sleeping, someone on your team is working somewhere else in the world.

What successful affiliates do is wrapped up in these two basic activities: They SELL and they BUILD. When you become good at these two parts of the process, you can begin to experience the sort of success stories we all enjoy hearing.

One final tip: When I refer to building a team, I mean an actual TEAM of people working together. The idea that you can do enough work on your own to make your people successful is limited, at best. There is not a single success story that includes any line about “And then my sponsor built my business for me.” I’ve seen a lot of affiliates try this approach. They offer ideas like, “We build it for you” or “Let us do the work.” Without exception, every time I see someone try this approach, I see someone get burnt out. They complain, “My team just won’t do the work.” They tell me about how people give up so quickly, and they just can’t build any momentum.

But those affiliates who are personally proactive and show strong leadership skills are able to build large organizations of successful affiliates who are all busy working together to create results.

This is what successful affiliates do.

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