December 5, 2021


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What Are the Scientific Laws of Growth in Marketing? Get Ready to Find Out.

Ever since an apple first fell from a tree branch and bonked Sir Isaac Newton on the noggin (or something like that), humans have understood and obeyed the law of gravity. We operate with the knowledge that what goes up must come down.

Growth in marketing has its own set of immutable governing rules. And yet, despite a number of “aha” moments, many of these laws continue to be overlooked, often at our own peril: CMO tenures are shrinking along with marketing budgets in many cases. 

In our upcoming episode of Live with Marketers, The Scientific Laws of Growth in Marketing, we’ll help you understand these rules and how you can use them to your advantage. The show will stream live on Thursday, April 29 at 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT. You can register on the event page here, or read on for a little more detail about what to expect. 

Understanding the Scientific Laws of Growth in Marketing

LinkedIn’s B2B Institute conducts research and analysis to help B2B organizations make smart decisions and understand trends shaping the future of business. On this episode of Live with Marketers, the B2B Institute’s Director Ty Heath will be joined by Global Leads Jon Lombardo and Peter Weinberg to explain and unpack their latest research with The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute on the scientific laws of growth in marketing:

The Majority Out-Market Law

The ideal scenario for a marketer: Your message reaches the exact right buyer in the exact right moment of active consideration and persuades them to go with your solution. They reach out to your sales team, and boom!

The trouble is that even if you’re targeting the right customers, a vast majority will NOT be in a place where they are ready to take that step. This drives a need for longer-term marketing strategies with reconfigured priorities. You’ll learn what that means and how to target “out-market” buyers.

The Mental Availability Law

The solutions that are easy to mind, and easy to buy, are the ones that are bought. Yet 99.9% of companies are not easy to mind – they do not have mental availability. 

Not good, right? Don’t worry. Our team will set you on the right track with a simplified breakdown of the concept, and guidance for B2B organizations to increase brand salience. It’s not brain surgery, but it is brain science

The Double Jeopardy Law

Sixty-five percent of marketers believe customer loyalty is more important to growth than customer acquisition. 

This a myth. The upshot is that brands with higher market penetration tend to have higher loyalty – hence the double jeopardy effect.

You’ll gain a clear grasp of how the Double Jeopardy Law works in B2B marketing, and why marketers should focus only on customer acquisition.

An Evidence-Based Approach to Marketing

Data-driven marketers are wise not to ignore these laws in planning their strategies for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Join Tyrona, Jon, and Peter on Thursday and equip yourself with a scientific underpinning to grow your brand, your sales, and your career.

Register now for The Scientific Laws of Growth in Marketing and we’ll see you there!