March 4, 2021


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Weekly Infographic: The Tools and Technology of Data SEO

Data SEO uses various tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles to unveil hidden patterns using raw data. The main purpose of SEO data is to provide valuable insights about a website’s performance, and how these insights can help you improve your SEO campaigns. SEO data used to assess how particular areas of your overall content strategy can be improved. 

 API gives access to data and functionality of the SEO software technology. Data visualization platforms are used for preparing, formatting, and feeding data to a visualization platform. Sometimes, this process can become a bit complex due to your data visualization or business intelligence platform. Another useful tool is a data warehouse that works to bring together different data types from different departments across the company and make them all available to everyone. Go through this Oncrawl infographic to know about the tools and technologies of data SEO.

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