January 23, 2022


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Removing Subscribers And Why

removing subscribersIs removing subscribers from your autoresponder a good idea? Personally, my answer is “no”. Anyone that wants to be removed from my list has only to click a link. The rest are still there by choice. And, here’s why I won’t be removing them, myself:

My subscribers intentionally asked to be added to my list.

My subscribers confirmed their interest in being added to my list.

My autoresponder is now following up with them.

If they do want to be removed, they can click the link to be removed at any time.

Removing subscribers is like removing money from my bank account. That subscriber (to me) represents a potential customer.

I have had people on my list for years before they decided to do business with me. I didn’t spend any time trying to figure out why that was. They joined my list because they wanted to know more in that moment. Maybe they were just thinking ahead. Maybe they weren’t really sure. Maybe some sort of life event happened that took them off track and they came back around. I’ll never really know.

Removing subscribers would have taken away my opportunity to build rapport, show them how I can help them solve a problem, and take on a new customer.

My focus is always on building my list, adding subscribers, letting the autoresponder follow up, and letting the subscriber make their own decisions. As a result, business grows and I get to help more people.

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