December 4, 2021


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Marketers: Are You Ready to Weather Emerging Workforce Trends to Drive Growth?

Are we there yet? The climb out of our global pandemic and back to some semblance of normalcy has brought with it a dramatic year of transition and transformation — for employees and organizations. 

Not to mention, great opportunities for both.

In years past, for instance, industries across the board dealt with a steady stream of employee job hopping annually from August-to-October. In 2020 that stream slowed to a drip, with a whopping 74% of workers citing some form of a “Shelter in Job” mentality as the reason for staying put. 

But as vaccinations continue to be administered, businesses rebound, and more remote or hybrid opportunities become available, many professionals could be ready to make a move. In fact, Microsoft’s 2021 Hybrid Work Report found that 41% of workers globally are considering a job change in the next 12 months. 

With this influx/outflux in mind, savvy companies are following emerging workforce trends and leaning into their employer brand — as well as brand purpose — to differentiate themselves in order to attract a more skilled, more diverse workforce. And in the process, drive organizational growth. 

Does your brand help set your organization up for success in this post-pandemic era? We’re going Live with Marketers on Tuesday, June 22nd at 2:00 PM CT/11:00 AM PT to talk more about how important that brand perception is, and how you can take steps to enhance your appeal. 

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Live with Marketers @ Home: Post-Pandemic Brand Building

For this episode of our award-winning talk show for and by marketers, I’ll be hosting an expert discussion with Callie Schweitzer, Senior Marketing Editor at LinkedIn, and Paul Ko, Head of Policy Research and Insights at LinkedIn. Together, we’ll explore actionable advice on how to make your next steps in brand-building work harder for your company in the ever-important talent recruitment and retention arena. 

Join us to catch up on:

  • The latest workforce trends as markets open back up. Having more opportunities to work remotely is just one way employees are reshaping the marketplace. Demand for more equal opportunity in hiring across gender, race, and other important factors continues to be a goal everyone is striving for. Employees seek deeper trust with better financial support after a tough year. And people want to know where a company stands: 74% of employees expect their employer to become more actively involved in cultural debates of the day — including showing concrete effort to enact change in areas like sustainability, ESG and social justice issues.
  • The implications for new commercial opportunities. It’s a brave new world with the need for advanced technology and software to set up hybrid offices. How do regions make their location more attractive for millions of professionals free to work from wherever they please? Business travel is on it’s way back — what’s next?  For these and so many other industries, the  post-pandemic world is providing new opportunities. 
  • The role of marketing in winning top talent. How you communicate with potential employees depends largely on one key question: have they ever heard of you before? Determining and establishing a dual approach of brand and demand content in your communications will help not only educate and make a greater impact on job-seekers who are new to your brand, but will help develop a pipeline of qualified leads who are closing in on making a decision.
  • The state of the marketing career for personal growth. As we noted in a previous post, career success in the time of COVID has been shaped by the massive demand for digital expertise. But in the wake of a tumultuous year, employees are looking for more than just a handsome paycheck and a job to do. In fact, nearly 80% value enjoying their job over working for a known brand. How does what you offer beyond compensation — like your company’s purpose, culture, or approach to addressing mental and physical wellness — align with those you seek to attract the most?

We hope you’ll join us for some insights on these questions, and be ready to jump into the conversation with questions of your own. They will be welcomed throughout as part of the discussion. 

Touting employer brand and purpose, while nothing new, is more important than ever as “what’s next” in work environments and experiences takes shape. With the incredible leaps in technology in such a short amount of time making remote work a viable option, the way employees view your brand and how it could give them a greater sense of purpose in their careers will impact what your workforce looks like tomorrow. And your growth beyond.

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