June 22, 2021


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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with Ultra-Wideband Technology to increase the speed of File Transferring

At the special event called Samsung Unpacked, Samsung announced its new products up to 5 different types. It is like before; Galaxy Note 20 Series is the primary purpose of this special event, Samsung Unpacked. On the other hand, in this article, we would like to expose the new technology that Samsung has equipped on the new smartphone model Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, called Ultra-Wideband. Of course, it is essential for this new Smartphone.

Of course, recently, Samsung has claimed that the new smartphone model Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes along with this new technology. Well, it is called Ultra-Wideband Technology or UWB. It is essential for transferring files from one device to one another method, which contains this new technology. Of course, it works with one unique function called Nearby Share, which Google has recently announced the release. Well, it can help users to find and recognize nearby devices faster, as mentioned above. Not only that, but Samsung has also exposed that it plays a vital role as a Digital key. Noticed that users could use it to control the car as well as unlock the smart key. We can use this new technology to find many other smartphone devices, using Smart Thing Find, with the new AR Technology.

Ultra-Wideband Technology is a newly found technology. And it also the first time for Samsung to use this new technology with its latest smartphone series. Be informed that the new smartphone model Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will be the first Samsung’s Smartphone to come with this new technology. The new technology, called Ultra-Wideband, is beneficial for smartphone users. And, we have expected that soon shortly this new technology will be more popular amongst Smartphone producing companies to use it with their smartphone products.

Be informed that the new Technology of UWB uses very high frequency up to 8,250MHz, and the latest technology of Low-Power to guarantee that it will not use the battery power of the device too much. More importantly, it can be wisely operated with the new function called Nearby Share. Of course, when we send the File, the latest Smartphone with this new technology will automatically choose the best method if it will need to be used with Bluetooth, Peer-To-Peer Wi-Fi, or WebRTC, it is based on the real situation. However, this is not something new for another brand anymore. Apple has used it for the first time on iPhone 11 Series.