March 4, 2021


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Consistent Lead Generation

consistent lead generationConsistent lead generation is the key to business growth. It is also one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and solopreneurs.

Most solopreneurs start out trying to generate leads. Makes sense. They reach out to people they know, they run some ads, and they do some networking. If things go well, they may see a sale or two come in. So, they switch their attention to taking care of their new clients. This also makes sense. But in too many cases this means they are no longer doing any lead generation. Their lead funnel has dried up. Once they collect payment from their existing clients, they are back to zero. Sound familiar?

Consistent lead generation fixes the problem by helping you fill your pipeline with a steady flow of leads. If you are in business today, you have a web site. It may be a simple blog or a full blown e-commerce site. By adding some simple code to that blog or site, you can set up a consistent lead generation system that can keep your lead funnel filled with targeted prospects.

Your advertising, networking, social media activities, etc… are all focused on driving traffic to your site and that’s good. The time and/or money you spend on your marketing is money well spent if you do it right. But if that visitor isn’t ready to make a buying decision and you don’t offer them a way to get more information, you are missing sales. The simple code you add to your site gives your site visitors a chance to reach out and let you know they are interested in learning more. Once they fill out the form, your automated followup system will begin sending them pre-written messages designed to give them more information, answer basic questions, and give them the opportunity to do business with you when they are ready.

By making a point of consistent marketing and promotion of your site, you can begin to experience the power of consistent lead generation for your business.

Using this automated system for consistent lead generation is like hiring a 24/7 marketing assistant for about 60 cents per day. With TrafficWave, you get a system designed to help you convert web site visitors in to real prospects, follow up with those prospects, and drive more sales for your business.

Since your web site is available 24 hours per day, your code is working 24 hours per day to do consistent lead generation.

Even after you clock out or log off, your site is still online and your automated lead system is working for you. This gives your business leverage and scalability.

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