June 22, 2021


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Email Marketing To Have Sales Every Month – 5 Simple Steps

Email Marketing To Have Sales Every Month - 5 Simple Steps

Want an automated email marketing strategy that generates sales every single month?

Now you can, try this holiday promotion email strategy I’m about to break down.

It’s five easy steps, let’s jump into it.

List Out

So step number one is to pick at least one holiday per month for the entire year in advance. Decide what those are. I actually wrote down a list here I’ll go through.

let’s just think about some of these ideas. So for January, you have New Year’s, and Martin Luther King Day. Those are pretty popular days, which can leverage for a promotion. February, you have Valentines Day and Presidents’ day, so pick one of those. For March, you have Saint Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras. April, you have Easter and April Fools, April Fools can be a fun one. May, you have Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. June you have Father’s Day. July, you have Independence Day. August, you have back to school. as a good promotion to generally run. September, you have Labor Day. October, you have Halloween. November, you have Veterans’ Day, Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. You can go nuts in November. Then for December, you have Christmas.

And so think about a holiday that makes sense for you. Now, there’s more holidays to leverage. You can just Google search holiday calendar, and there’s other opportunities. I just listed off the most popular ones. Here’s the trick, just think about at least one. If you pick one for each month of the year, that’s 12 promotions you run throughout the course of the year that you can build campaigns around.

Time For Planning

Once you’ve determined at least one holiday for every month of the year, now it’s time to come up with the content. So write those down and then think about what the promotion is gonna be for that month. Write some content to it, and come up with the promotion. You can even create the coupon codes in advance on your point of sale system or maybe your ecommerce store, and make sure that they’re active during the appropriate window.

Build all of that out up front, so that you don’t have to think about it later. Just maybe put it in a spreadsheet, list off each month, the holiday you wanna promote, what the promotion is, and if there is a coupon code or something that you’ve generated for that. Get all that organized up front.

Crafting Your Email Content

Step number three is to jump into your email marketing software and actually create the email templates. Now that you know the content and the holiday and those sorts of things, it’s time to design the emails.

So do this in advance. Go ahead and design all 12 emails up front, get them ready to go, and actually scheduled in your email marketing software to send at the appropriate time. And think about the appropriate time. If it’s the holiday, you don’t wanna necessarily send the email on the day of the holiday, you wanna send it with some runway leading up to it. So what makes sense for your business?

Is it a week in advance, is it two weeks in advance? Is there a series of email reminders that you send leading up to the holiday? Think about that, so that it’s all ready to go, up front, in your email software. Also, if you’re using a CRM, make sure you connect it to your email marketing list for these promotions so that everybody you’re working with throughout the course of the year, whether it’s a lead or a customer, is automatically added into your email list so that when that holiday rolls around, it sends to everybody automatically.

You don’t have to make a reminder to yourself to go every single month and update your list manually. It just all happens in an automated way with your email marketing software connected to your CRM.

Plan Your Calendar

Step number four is to set reminders in your calendar to remind yourself of this promotion in advance, just to check it, and make sure that it’s actually ready to go, scheduled, and ready to send so that you don’t forget. Also it’s a good reminder to alert your salespeople or the other folks in your organization that this promotion is coming up so it’s not a surprise to them, the customer doesn’t ask them for a deal that they’re not aware exists. So make sure that you set these reminders up front so that you’re prepared.

Update and Repeat

And last step, step five, just set a calendar reminder at the beginning of every year, to make sure that the next year is updated for these promotions.

The beauty of doing this type of a campaign is you can review the results over the previous year, and make adjustments for the next year, if needed, to improve your performance. As you do this over the course of year after year, what you’ll start to find is you’ll know exactly how those campaigns perform. You’ll know based on the size of the list, in the email campaign, how many sales you’re gonna actually receive, almost to a very small margin of error.

And so basically it becomes a mathematical certainty how many additional sales you’re gonna drive for your business, based on the size of your list. And the beauty is, as you grow your business throughout time, you’re gonna have more and more people on this list, because you’re gonna have more leads and more customers that you’ve worked with over the years. So your list grows and grows and grows and therefore, the amount of people receiving these promotions increases and therefore, your sales increases as well.

It’s a mathematical certainty. So make sure that you do that, optimize your campaigns year over year, to see better results as you grow your business. So that’s it, thanks for watching. Hopefully these five steps are steps that you can put in place for your business and leverage holidays.

The beauty of a holiday campaign is, it works for any business. It can work for any organization, it just works for everybody, because we all celebrate holidays. And maybe the holidays that you leverage are different than another business, but the concept still applies. You can have one promotion every single month of the whole year, to generate more sales. If you like this articles, like it, share it with your friends.